10 Reasons to Send Plain Text Emails


The effectiveness of eye-catching, visually appealing marketing emails is undeniable, and often produces successful results when established campaign rules are followed

However, there’s a distinct power in plain text emails marketing, especially in certain situations.

In this article, we’ll explore the nature of the plain text email format and the fundamental differences between plain text and HTML email

We’ll also present a list of ten reasons why using plain text emails can offer distinct advantages over their HTML counterparts.

What is plain text email format?
Plain text vs HTML emails
10 reasons to send plain text Emails
Send plain text message in Outbound Rocks

What is plain text email format?

Plain text e-mail is a basic form of e-mail communication that involves sending messages that consist only of text

Unlike Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) email, which can include images, formatting, links, and other visual elements, plain text e-mail contains no formatting or design features beyond basic text characters.

In adittion, plain text emails are:

  • Lack any stylized elements such as fonts, colors, images, or structural layout.
  • Appear as plain, unadorned text without any additional enhancements. 
  • Easier to create, send, and render on different email clients and devices
  • Offer a more personal, direct and authentic message, similar to a traditional text-based letter or communication
  • Frequently used in situations favoring a simple format, like personal communication, targeted marketing, or when elaborate visuals are unnecessary or inappropriate.

This format is similar to typing a message in a basic text editor without the use of advanced formatting tools or visual embellishments.

Plain text email example:

Differences between plain text and HTML emails

If you are a digital marketer and want to know about the key technical differences between HTML and plain text, you will find this information very useful.

Here is a chart outlining five key differences between plain text and HTML email:

Aspect Plain Text Emails HTML Emails
Formatting Contains only simple text, no formatting or images. Supports images, fonts, colors, links, and formatting
Visual Appeal Lacks visual elements, appears like a simple text. Offers visually appealing content with various designs.
Compatibility Universally compatible, displays uniformly on all devices and email clients. Compatibility varies; appearance may differ across different email clients and devices.
Spam Sensitivity Less likely to trigger spam filters due to its simplicity. More likely to be flagged as spam due to potential complex coding and visual elements.
Creation and Editing Easier and quicker to create, edit, and transmit. Requires more time and expertise due to design and coding involved.

10 reasons to send plain text Emails

Of course, there are advantages to HTML emails, and instances where it is best to use your logo or a supporting image. But plain text isn’t going anywhere either.

Here is a list of 10 benefits of using plain text email:

  • Deliverability: plain text emails have a higher likelihood of bypassing spam filters, leading to improved deliverability rates compared to HTML emails, which might trigger spam detection.
  • Compatibility: they are universally compatible, ensuring consistent readability across various email clients and devices, thus reaching a broader audience.
  • Accessibility: plain text emails are easier for visually impaired individuals or those using screen readers, ensuring inclusivity in communication.
  • Creation and Editing: crafting plain text emails is quicker and more straightforward as they do not involve intricate designs or coding, saving time in content creation and edits.
  • Communication: the simplicity of plain text emails fosters a more personal, one-on-one communication style, akin to a conversation, enhancing the recipient’s connection with the sender.
  • Engagement: these emails often feel more authentic, leading to increased engagement as recipients tend to perceive them as less promotional and more informative.
  • Distraction: without flashy visuals or complex formatting, the focus remains solely on the message content, reducing distractions and enhancing the clarity of the communication.
  • Trustworthiness: plain text emails often evoke a sense of authenticity, potentially increasing trust between the sender and the recipient due to their straightforward nature.
  • Cost-Effective: they consume fewer resources as they don’t require additional design elements, making them a more cost-effective option for email campaigns.
  • Adaptability to Various Purposes: Plain text emails are versatile and adaptable for various purposes, including personal correspondence, marketing strategies, and professional communications.

Send plain text message in Outbound Rocks

At Outbound Rocks we know how to handle plaintext especially well.

We only send emails as plain text as this is the natural way humans interact between each other in email communication.

To add on, we send emails during business hours and at a rate that is normal for a human being. We basically mimic human behavior.

This practice significantly increases the chances of email delivery and reduces the possibility of cold emails being marked as spam.

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