Get qualified Leads in a consistent way

All-in-one outbound system to drive your customer acquisition. Build a Lead database, and contact them from unlimited mailboxes.

Need more leads for your Sales Team?

Helping you focus on what really matters

Your SDRs are great for discovering oportunities and your Sales Reps are great with people and closing deals. Let us be your tech ally and get you the demos you need in an automated way. We provide you a platform to do so.

  • Get weekly potential Leads
  • Craft the perfect message with AI, and get responses
  • Target exactly who you want, at scale
  • Send Emails from Multiple Mailboxes

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Multiple Mailboxes

Scale with deliverability in mind

Get Leads

We find your prospect’s emails


Reply Rate

While our average reply rate is 8%, our range goes from 2% up to 15%. We deliver results, not ideas and fancy colors.

15 min

Buy and setup domains

Inside the platform you can buy and setup new domains with mailboxes in less than 15 minutes. Without any technical knowledge.


Open Rate

We use the best practices available so that your emails reach your lead’s mailboxes


Maximize Deliverability

Duplicat your deliverability just by using our state of the art platform.

Designed to sell products/services to small and medium size companies

At OutboundRocks we have a proven strategy and systems to find SMBs (small and medium size business), contat them and generate demos for our customers.

  • Find
  • Contact
  • Enrich
  • Schedule Demos

Automate and Personalise your Emails using AI.

Every lead will get a slightly different email ensuring your emails get to the inbox. No more Promotions and Spam folders.

We simulate real people sending emails.

We get results.

Number of versions

for every email you create:


No limit


Use as many mailboxes as you need


Buy them and connect them inside the platform

We automate the domain management, registration, certificates, subdomain creation…. and any technical setup. All automated.

No Tech

Just normal people

Any user can do the setup without knowing what is spf, dkim, dmarc, etc.


We do it faster

In 4 clicks you can create a subdomain with all the certificates that you need. A freelancer usually takes 2hs … we do it in 3 secconds.

We create and manage all your inboxes

With a couple of clicks and 5 minutes of work you will have at least 20 mailboxes from 4 subdomains ready to use. Don’t need to get gmail accounts and have the extra cost. You don’t pay for every email account, it’s all included.

  • Create unlimited mailboxes
  • Easy to download all setups
  • No technical setup
  • integrated with warmup companies

Integration with Data Providers

Sometimes you need different sources to build a good lead list. For this cases we’ve built integrations with the most important data providers.

  • Apollo
  • Yelp
  • GoogleMaps
  • Yellow Pages … and more

Use Apollo as usual to gather contacts. As you create them in Apollo, you will be able to see them and automatically add them to pre built campaigns.

Google Maps, Yelp and YellowPages

Define an area, the type of business, opening hours, price level and we will get you all the available data.

Respond to your leads from a unified inbox.

Manage unlimited email accounts from one unified inbox. Mark positive replies and automate next steps. All in a very simple view.

Open a new ROI possitive channel to generate Demos.

You will be able to create sequences with unlimited steps with very little effort.

We’ve automated all tasks that your SDRs do to make them more productive.

Let’s talk.

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Fantastic, I’m totally blown away. We have 40 senders and 2 operators. It’s like multiplying our SDR team.

John Butsi


We’ve improved our sales by 30% in a couple of months.

Diego Bolettieri


I strongly recommend OutboundRocks to everyone interested in running a successful outbound strategy.

Marcos Gutierrez


Incredible work, every week we see new improvements in the platform!

Sarah Mayer


This product is by far the most valuable business resource we have ever purchased.

Patricio Lemaire


I love this product. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Mark Manslemann

Simple pricing plans for every budget

If you don’t get the results you want, we will return your money during the first 2 months. Cancel at any time.



Save 50% $79

  • Unlimited Warmup
  • Single domain ( unlimited subdomains )
  • Video training + email support
  • Automatic Email Validation
  • 6,000 emails sent/mo
  • Email support
  • Email Hosting (we host your email accounts)



Save 50% $199

  • Unlimited Warmup
  • 4 domains ( unlimited subdomains )
  • Sales coaching every week
  • Automatic Email Validation
  • 150,000 emails sent/mo
  • Priority support
  • Email Hosting (we host your email accounts)



Save 50% $1000

  • Unlimited Warmup
  • unlimited domains/ subdomains
  • Sales coaching every week
  • Automatic Email Validation
  • unlimited emails sends
  • Priority support
  • Email Hosting (we host your email accounts)

You can add extra services to your selected plan:

Apollo Add-on


up to 750 contact crations.

  • 750 contact creations, contact support if you need more.

White label (for agencies)


show your customers the performance of your campaigns

  • Add your logo and brand to the platform.
  • Differenciate yourself from the competition.

Email Validation Add-on

$10/1000 validations

Save 50% $1599

  • Validate 1000 emails extra to the one you have included in your plan.


Frequently asked questions

Need more leads for your Sales Team?
We get it. Is the manual process of getting the leads killing your flow? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you don’t have enough time to do it consistently.
Do I need to bring my own leads to the platform?
If you want, you can. In parallel we will be delivering new contacts every week.
Why do I need to send emails throught multiple senders?
We do this to boost your deliverability. If you send emails you want people to read them, so focusing on deliverability is key to good results.
What type of results should I get?
Based on our customers performance, we see an average of 60% open rate from cold emails and a 5% reply rate.
Should I use GSuite or Office360 to host my emails? None..
We will host your email.
Is it legal to scrape websites to get lead’s contacts?
As most things in life, it depends.
Can I send presonalized emails?
Off course! We scrape every lead’s website to find unique informations that you can use to personalice the emails or to filter the database.
What type of bounce rate is fine?
Bounce is what happens when you send an email to a non existent mailbox.

Question not answered above?

Write us an email to

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